Measurement Formulas & Conversions

Here at MDS of Michigan, we often receive requests regarding different industry formulas, so we have put together the table below to serve as a quick and easy reference. For further assistance, request information to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff.

HP = kW x 1.34kW = HP x 0.746
in = mm ÷ 25.4mm = in x 25.4
lb = kg x 2.205kg = lb x 0.454
lb-in = Nm x 8.85Nm = lb-in x 0.113
Quart = Liter x 1.057Liter = Quart x 0.946
HP =T(lb-in) x RPMT(lb-in) =HP x 63025
HP =T(lb-ft) x RPMT(lb-ft) =HP x 5252
HP(lift) =Wgt(lb) x FPMHP(Slide) =Wgt(lb) x µ x FPM
33000 x EFF33000 x EFF
FPM = 0.2618 x Dia(in) x RPMRPM =FPM x 3.820
HP(3ph-motor) =1.732 x V x I x PF x EFF