About Us

Service, experience and value make MDS the distributor of choice for power transmission products and solutions.

For over 30 years MDS of Michigan has been the go-to resource for power transmission products and solutions. Our success is based on our rich product inventory, competitive pricing, and our commitment to work harder than anyone else to keep our customers moving.

From our base in West Michigan we provide products and expertise to customers across the state and, with our e-commerce store, across the country.

Experience matters. We know our customers, we understand their needs and the challenges they face in keeping things running. So from the simplest replacement part to the most complex equipment solutions MDS provides the expertise to get you the right answer and the service commitment to get it quickly on its way to you.

We go to market with a customer drive, a customer-focused approach; we take a lot of pride in that.

MDS of Michigan products include items like roller chains, V-belts, mounted bearings, bushings, roller chain sprockets, sheaves, gears, drive systems, lubricants, and variable speed drives. A lot of it looks like complicated stuff, but business owner Craig Bull said the company does its best to make it understandable as well as affordable.

Based in West Michigan for its entire thirty years, MDS tries to take a different approach to keep customers happy, according to Bull, and it all begins with a combination of integrity, quality, and employees who will go above and beyond to get the job done.

MDS General Manager Jeff Buit believes that having good people is vital. “We have people here who are experts,” he said. “We need people who represent us who know what we do and how we can do it and actually provide the assistance that is needed in any situation.”

Buit added that the company does not just get anyone to represent it in the marketplace. Putting the right person in any given situation builds trust with customers. It is another advantage thirty years in the business has given it. “We may sell widgets, parts, and pieces; but really, we go to market with a customer drive, a customer-focused approach; we take a lot of pride in that.”

We’re not order-takers; we’re problem solvers. We don’t do business at arms’ length.

Thirty years is a long time to be in business, but Buit said that for the customers who need MDS’s service, it is important to everyone in the building to take a kind of an old-fashioned approach to getting it done.

“We roll up our sleeves and work hard every day. We take nothing for granted. Our passion and love for the customer and providing a solution at an economical price, that’s the biggest take away from us,” he said. “We’re kind of a one-stop shop. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge.”

Over the last two decades, MDS’s year-over-year growth has been what Bull called “outstanding.” And just because it likes to serve clients the old-fashioned way does not mean the company is old fashioned. Its online store gives them the opportunity to sell across the U.S. “E-commerce has been wonderful for us,” said Bull. “It’s really an untapped avenue for us, a different way to go to market that people seem to enjoy.”