What is an A Section Belt?

V-belts take their name from the somewhat V-shaped cross section of the belt. Whereas a flat belt has a rectangular cross section, V-belts are wider at the top than at the bottom. V-belts do not taper down to a point, only to a flat bottom that is parallel to and narrower than the top. That’s […]

V-Belt Metric Size Chart

We at MDS carry a wide range of V-Belts, including 3VX, 5VX, A section, and B section. However, all of the measurements listed on the product pages are in inches rather than metric units. To help, we’ve put together the following V-belt size chart in MM for the belts we carry, so you can be sure […]

Types of Bearing Blocks (Mounted Bearings)

Bearing blocks are the ultimate supporting player in mechanical applications. Without bearing blocks, there is no mechanical transmission system. Everything falls apart without them. More accurately, nothing gets put together without them. Here at MDS, we appreciate bearing blocks’ quiet, sturdy, ever-reliable ways. And, of course, we want to make sure you have the right […]

MDS of Michigan featured in Manufacturing Marvels!

Transcript: Hi, this is John Criswell. Welcome to Manufacturing Marvels. Power transmission, in the industrial world, performs the most basic function of transferring energy to a location that performs useful work. Sounds simple enough, however, when your parts don’t work, you are idle, stuck, and broken down. Well, today we are in Jenison, Michigan and […]

How Do You Install a Flange Bearing?

The first step in installing a flange bearing is the same as the first step for installing just about anything else: read the documentation. But while you’re waiting for the bearing and the docs to arrive, let’s walk through the process so you can plan for what’s ahead. Start with a visual inspection of the […]

What is a Type E Pillow Block Bearing?

Type E pillow block bearings are the go-to option for a shaft that needs extra support, maybe because it generates excess torque or is involved in an enhanced mechanical process. Extra… excess… enhanced… Easy enough. Type E bearings have a sturdier housing than regular bearings, and can have either two or four mounting screws. These […]

What is Double Roller Chain Used For?

Think of all the reasons you love – or maybe just respect in a professional sense – roller chain. Now double that. That’s some of what you can do with double strand roller chain. Double roller chain is just what it sounds like: two strands of roller chain connected side by side into a single […]

What You Need to Know About Finished Bore Sprockets

The main thing to know about finished bore sprockets is that they come with the keyway already machined into the bore, and with the set screw to secure the sprocket to the shaft. But is there anything you need to know about the keyway? Shafts and sprockets work together via a keyed joint. The key […]

Roller Chain vs. V-Belt Drive Systems

For some projects, the choice between a chain drive and a belt drive will be pretty clear-cut. On others, you’ll work through the pros and cons of both and no obvious winner emerges. Let’s go through some of the factors in the chain drive vs. belt drive discussion. System speed and ratio Belt drives are […]

Power Transmission Facts & Figures for 2021

What would your company or department do with an extra $22,000? What would you do with $22,000 per minute for an hour ($1.3 million)? A day ($10+ MM)? A year (do the math)? Companies are always looking for ways to keep costs down, devising clever techniques and sometimes paying consultants to show them a way […]