Our Most Sold Power Transmission Products Online in 2022

With 2022 behind us, here is a list of our most sold power transmission products online in 2022. Before we get to far, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who have supported us this year. Our team at MDS of Michigan, can’t do what we do without each and everyone of […]

MDS of Michigan featured in Manufacturing Marvels!

Transcript: Hi, this is John Criswell. Welcome to Manufacturing Marvels. Power transmission, in the industrial world, performs the most basic function of transferring energy to a location that performs useful work. Sounds simple enough, however, when your parts don’t work, you are idle, stuck, and broken down. Well, today we are in Jenison, Michigan and […]

Power Transmission Facts & Figures for 2021

What would your company or department do with an extra $22,000? What would you do with $22,000 per minute for an hour ($1.3 million)? A day ($10+ MM)? A year (do the math)? Companies are always looking for ways to keep costs down, devising clever techniques and sometimes paying consultants to show them a way […]

20% of Industrial Energy Use is Spent Fighting This One Thing

There is an unseen, energy-consuming monster in your facility. You deal with it everywhere you go, and it is constantly working against you. It was studied by Aristotle and da Vinci and can eat away at some of the earth’s strongest materials. Have you guessed it yet? The pesky but unavoidable culprit is friction. A […]