Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow block bearings are vital components in conveyor systems, farms, manufacturing facilities, and a wide array of industrial machinery. Their durability and reliability are crucial in maintaining efficiency and uptime. Here at MDS, we carry quality power transmission products that you can count on. Find the pillow block bearing that is right for you within our comprehensive online inventory. Filter pillow block bearings by bore diameter and find dimensions, weight, and shipping information on the product pages.

Our online inventory carries bearings with a bore size as small as 5/8″ and goes all the way up to 3″ and can weigh up to 18 lbs. In addition to standard duty bearings, we also carry “Type E” pillow bearings. Products typically ship within 1-2 days.

For more information on pillow block bearings and our full inventory of power transmission products, contact us or give us a call today.

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