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Power transmission, in the industrial world, performs the most basic function of transferring energy to a location that performs useful work. Sounds simple enough, however, when your parts don’t work, you are idle, stuck, and broken down.

Well, today we are in Jenison, Michigan and the home of distributor MDS of Michigan.

For over three decades, MDS has been the go-to resource for power transmission products and solutions. Their success is based on their rich product inventory, competitive pricing and their commitment to work harder than anyone else to keep their customers moving.

From their home base in Western Michigan, they provide products and expertise to customers across the state and with their online store, across the country as well.

Experience matters. MDS knows their customers. They understand their needs and the challenges they face in keeping things running. So from the simplest replacement part to the most complex equipment solutions, MDS provides the expertise to get you the right answer and the service commitment to get it quickly on its way to you.

MDS’ supplier base and product selections are extensive. Rest-assured, your equipment will run smoothly and efficiently with quality gearboxes, electric motors and every power transmission product in between. Their V-belt inventory provides everything from quality 3VX and 5VX belts, to A Section and B Section Belts.

Browse the online selection of quality sheaves and view the product specifications.

Don’t stay idle. Stay up and running with MDS.

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