Food Conveyor Belt Parts Guide

From the farm to the grocery store checkout, the food supply chain moves along one conveyor belt after another. Conveyor belts in the food industry have many different applications, each with their own technical requirements and involving regulatory compliance and engineering best practices. Quite a lot for something as “simple” as sending your carton of […]

How Do I Know What Size Sprocket I Need?

Chain size, type, number of teeth, and bore size are all you need to select the correct roller chain sprocket. When you look at sprockets on a product page or catalog, you’ll see a string of numbers and letters. Let’s break one down. #50BB15x1/2” is one of the seventeen idler roller chain sprockets currently available […]

What You Need to Know about Taper-Lock Bushings

A taper-lock bushing gets its name from the 8 degree taper from one side to the next before it locks into place. This reduces the necessary length-thru-bore for any application. An internal screw holds the taper-lock bushing in place, providing a slimmer fit than a flanged bushing. First, what not to do when installing a […]

What is a Pillow Block Bearing Used For?

Pillow block bearings support shafts that run parallel to the mounting surface. This makes them a very simple but vital part of conveyor systems, industrial fans, farm equipment, jib cranes, car washes, and much more. With that much at stake, let’s make sure you get the right one and use it the right way. Split […]

Flange Bearing vs. Pillow Block

Pillow block bearings and flange block bearings are essential components in a wide range of industrial applications. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying flange bearings and pillow block bearings to ensure these vital parts stay silent and stay working. What is The Difference Between Pillow Block & Flange Block Bearings? […]

V-Belt Size Chart

V-Belts come in many sizes and lengths. Here at MDS, we offer A, B, 3VX, and 5VX belts. Click the lengths to see our full selection of that type of belt or for that specific length. V-Belt Dimensions V-Belt Type Top Width Height Angle A 1/2″ 5/16″ 40° B 5/8″ 13/32″ 40° 3VX 3/8″ 21/64″ […]

Roller Chain Size Chart

A poor-fitting roller chain can result in inefficiency, damage to your machine, and lost hours in repair time. Make sure you select the chain with the best fit by referencing the size charts below. Click the link on the chain size you need to see our selection, which often includes multiple lengths, connecting links, and […]

How Do I Choose the Right V-Belt?

V-belts, in combination with grooved sheaves, provide excellent power transmission without the slippage that was common with their predecessor, the flat belt drive. Design and materials have come a long way since those days, but in order to get the most life and efficiency out of v-belts, it is vital to choose the correct size […]

How Do I Measure Roller Chain?

With the multitude of applications for industrial roller chain, its no surprise that it is available in many types, shapes, and sizes. Here at MDS, we offer double pitch, double strand, single strand, stainless steel, and heavy roller chain. First, lets clarify what you’re looking for. If you know the chain size but are unsure […]

The Ultimate Guide to Roller Chain Sprockets

From conveyors to agricultural machinery and printing presses, roller chain sprockets are one of the driving forces, so to speak, of the industrial world. Selecting the appropriate sprocket type, size, and dimensions for your application is not only vital to maximum uptime, but also to maintaining and improving efficiency. Roller Chain Sprocket Dimensions While dimensions […]