What is a Type E Pillow Block Bearing?

Type E pillow block bearings are the go-to option for a shaft that needs extra support, maybe because it generates excess torque or is involved in an enhanced mechanical process. Extra… excess… enhanced… Easy enough. Type E bearings have a sturdier housing than regular bearings, and can have either two or four mounting screws. These […]

What is Double Roller Chain Used For?

Think of all the reasons you love – or maybe just respect in a professional sense – roller chain. Now double that. That’s some of what you can do with double strand roller chain. Double roller chain is just what it sounds like: two strands of roller chain connected side by side into a single […]

What You Need to Know About Finished Bore Sprockets

The main thing to know about finished bore sprockets is that they come with the keyway already machined into the bore, and with the set screw to secure the sprocket to the shaft. But is there anything you need to know about the keyway? Shafts and sprockets work together via a keyed joint. The key […]

Roller Chain vs. V-Belt Drive Systems

For some projects, the choice between a chain drive and a belt drive will be pretty clear-cut. On others, you’ll work through the pros and cons of both and no obvious winner emerges. Let’s go through some of the factors in the chain drive vs. belt drive discussion. System speed and ratio Belt drives are […]

Power Transmission Facts & Figures for 2021

What would your company or department do with an extra $22,000? What would you do with $22,000 per minute for an hour ($1.3 million)? A day ($10+ MM)? A year (do the math)? Companies are always looking for ways to keep costs down, devising clever techniques and sometimes paying consultants to show them a way […]

How Hot Should Pillow Block Bearings Get?

“This bearing’s running a little hot.” We’ve all heard that, and we’ve probably all had the same response: “OK, but you’re going to need to give me a little more than that. Which pillow block bearing, and how hot?” There’s no point in checking temperatures if we don’t have a good idea of the normal […]

Taper-Lock Bushing: Sizes & Types

Let’s head over to our Bushings page and pick up a taper-lock bushing. We’ll grab the #1108×11/16”. What did we just pick up? The name of a taper-lock bushing tells you most of what you need to know. The four-digit number at the start is the “bushing type” and gives you two pieces of information. […]

What is a QD Bushing?

QD stands for Quick Detachable and a QD bushing features a flange that connects the bushing (quickly!) to the sprocket. They also have a taper – usually 4 degrees, half that of a taper-lock bushing – that, along with the cap screws, provides a closer fit. How to Install a QD Bushing Installing a QD bushing […]

Food Conveyor Belt Parts Guide

From the farm to the grocery store checkout, the food supply chain moves along one conveyor belt after another. Conveyor belts in the food industry have many different applications, each with their own technical requirements and involving regulatory compliance and engineering best practices. Quite a lot for something as “simple” as sending your carton of […]

How Do I Know What Size Sprocket I Need?

Chain size, type, number of teeth, and bore size are all you need to select the correct roller chain sprocket. When you look at sprockets on a product page or catalog, you’ll see a string of numbers and letters. Let’s break one down. #50BB15x1/2” is one of the seventeen idler roller chain sprockets currently available […]