Difference Between a QD and QT Bushed Sheave

Here at MDS of Michigan, we understand that it can be difficult to choose between a QD and QT Bushed Sheave for your drive system. With thousands of parts online and a full inside and outside sales team to support, we are here to help. We are here to educate and support you; much like a bushed sheave and a belt.

If you don’t know, a bushed sheave is a type of pulley wheel with a cylindrical bearing surface, usually made of metal, that is designed to reduce friction between the wheel and the cable or chain being used to drive it. They are commonly found in conveyors, lifts, and other machinery and offer a low-cost, high-efficiency means of transmitting mechanical power.

But, why are bushed sheaves important in the first place? Bushed sheaves help to reduce wear and tear on the pulleys and belts that are used to transfer power from an engine to other parts of the machinery. The bushings help to decrease friction and increase the life of these components by providing a smoother surface and reducing the need to be replaced frequently. They can also help to reduce noise when operating the machinery, making it much quieter and more efficient.

What is a QD Bushed Sheave?

A QD Bushed Sheave is a type of pulley with a grooved wheel and a movable flange that is used to provide a way to change the direction of a mechanical force. It is generally used in power transmission applications, such as belt drives and chain drives, to transfer motion from one sprocket or pulley to another. The term “QD” stands for the Quick Disconnect feature of the bushed sheave, which allows the user to quickly and easily change the pulley size or pitch.

What is a QT Bushed Sheave?

A QT Bushed Sheave is a type of pulley that is designed to be used with rope or cable in order to change the direction of the pull. It is typically composed of two grooved discs, one with an inner hub that is able to rotate on a shaft, while the other is affixed to the inner hub. The grooves on the discs provide a bearing surface for the rope or cable, allowing it to rotate freely while supporting the load. QT Bushed Sheaves are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as lifting, hauling, and towing.

The term “QT” stands for Quick Turn, which allows for quick and easy turning of the rope or cable that is connected to it. This is beneficial for applications that require frequent and rapid changes in direction.

So, what’s the Difference Between a QD and QT Bushed Sheave?

A QD and QT Bushed Sheave are both used to transfer mechanical power from one shaft to another. The primary difference between the two is that a QD (Quick Detachable) sheave is designed for easy removal and installation, while a QT (Quick Taper) sheave is designed for permanent installation. Both types of sheaves can be used with a variety of belt types, including A, B, and C belts. The QD sheave allows for faster and easier installation and removal, while the QT sheave is more secure and reliable for long-term use.

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