Why it May Be Time to Replace That Metal Conveyor Belt

Resilient, reliable, and efficient equipment is paramount in an environment where every minute in which products are not moving translates to dollars lost. Upgrades and optimizations can be made in a number of areas, but one piece of equipment may be costing you more money, time, and labor than you realize: that old, metal conveyor belt.

Product Quality

One of the primary pitfalls of wire conveyor belts is that they can directly and negatively affect your product. Metal belting requires lubrication, which along with metal contaminants, can find its way into the product. Additionally, the wire can mark up the products as well as create pinch points, further contributing to product loss.


In line with product quality, proper sanitation of conveyor belts is essential, not only for the health and safety of your customers, but for the compliance of your plant. Metal belting can be difficult and highly time-consuming to clean, and contaminants can be easily missed. Product adhesion is also a significant problem which not only increases product loss, but increases cleaning time as well.

Service & Repair

Lastly, metal conveyor belts require time-consuming and complicated maintenance and repair work due to the heavy weight of the belts and the constant lubrication and tensioning that is required. Additionally, high belt tension can lead to mistracking, and metal fatigue can lead to a shortened belt life resulting in further downtime and replacement costs.

Modular Plastic Belting

The solution to all of these costly and time-consuming problems is modular plastic conveyor belts. Metal contamination, metal fatigue, and lubricants are eliminated due to the all-plastic construction. They are designed to be easy to clean and to avoid bacteria growth while the modular construction allows for quick maintenance and repairs. Lastly, plastic belting lasts longer than metal, weighs less, and does not require tensioning.

So whether your metal conveyor belts are due for a replacement or not, you may want to consider making the switch to modular plastic belting. For more information on conveyor belt products for your plant, contact the knowledgeable team at MDS.

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