Taper-Lock Bushing: Sizes & Types

Let’s head over to our Bushings page and pick up a taper-lock bushing. We’ll grab the #1108×11/16”. What did we just pick up?

The name of a taper-lock bushing tells you most of what you need to know. The four-digit number at the start is the “bushing type” and gives you two pieces of information. The first two digits tell you the maximum bore size: 11 refers to a 1.1-inch max bore size. Yes, that’s the “conversion”: add a decimal between the first two digits and you have the max bore in inches.

Taper-Lock BushingsNext up is the 08. That’s the length of the bushing. Same as before: insert a decimal and now you’re talking in inches. All the taper-lock bushings in the 1108 series have a max bore size of 1.1” and bore length of .8”. Finally, the number after the “x” is the diameter of the bore. This one is actually what it looks like: for our example, the bore diameter is 11/16.”

Sometimes, you’ll see the diameter given as a decimal. For example, your specs or repair manual may say you need a #2012×1.25 taper-lock bushing. That’s the same thing we list as #2012×1-1/4”. While we’re at it, let’s just work through that one. #2012 breaks apart into 20 and 12. Slip in the decimal points and we’re looking at a taper-lock bushing with a 2.0-inch max bore size, 1.2-inch bore length and 1.25-inch diameter.

Now that you know what all that means, you’ll understand what we have in stock when we say MDS carries 1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, and 3030 taper-lock bushings, with bore sizes going up to 3”. We also have QD and QT bushings in a similarly wide range of specs.

Still not sure if we have what you need? Contact us today and we’ll talk through your project to ensure you have the right bushing at the right size – and anything else you may need – to keep things moving on down the line.

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