#60 Chain Sprocket

One of our most popular chain sizes is #60, leading to a strong demand for a matching sprocket. Our inventory of #60 chain sprockets come in several types, including idler, finished bore, QD-bushed, and taper-lock.


Idler Roller Chain Sprockets#60 Idler Sprockets

When working with chain that extend long lengths you may experience some slack along the way. Using an idler sprocket will help keep things running tight. Our inventory of #60 idler sprockets are available in multiple bore sizes and tooth counts. View Inventory >


Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket#60 Finished Bore Sprockets

Finished bore sprockets provide optimum stability for heavy loads. If you’re working with a #60 chain, check out our inventory of #60 finished bore sprockets. View Inventory >


QD-Bushed Roller Chain Sprockets#60 QD-Bushed Sprockets

Fast installation, fast removal, and strength are what QD-bushed sprockets are known for. Our selection of #60 QD-bushed sprockets come in a wide variety of tooth counts. View Inventory >


Taper-Lock Roller Chain Sprockets#60 Taper-Lock Sprockets

Our inventory of #60 taper-lock sprockets come in a wide selection of tooth counts. Find the sprocket that is right for your application. View Inventory >