Stainless Steel Solutions for Rising Contamination

Foodborne illness is a significant problem in the US and in some respects is getting worse. In fact, a study by Fortune Magazine found that, on average, 48 million Americans fall victim to a food-related illness every year. In 2015, the estimated annual costs associated with these illnesses was $55.5 billion. This unsettling information is not only […]

V-Belt Performance Checklist

The speed of your drive system, its load, and its hours of operation all contribute to the frequency of belt replacement, but the performance and longevity of your V-belts depend largely on steadfast maintenance and correctly recognizing and diagnosing issues. Most common issues can be easily seen or heard, and we’ve put together a list […]

How to Slow Roller Chain Elongation

Whether they are transmitting power to equipment or products from one point to another, roller chains are an integral part of any industrial operation; and reducing downtime and the frequency of replacement is an ongoing goal. A common, creeping issue is that of chain elongation, or “stretch.” Contrary to how it might sound, chain elongation […]

How to Spot Sheave Wear

Every time you change a belt, you should be checking your sheaves for wear. Neglected, worn sheaves can cause serious issues down the line that result in unexpected downtime and increased replacement costs. When belts are removed, wear might be easy to spot; but what about when belts are still on? Here we discuss some […]

Roller Chain Maintenance Quick Tips

Extending the life of the roller chain in your facility is an excellent way to reduce costs in replacement parts and downtime. To do so, it is important to maintain them, and we’ve made a list of quick tips for keeping your roller chain rolling smoothly and efficiently. Tension & Alignment Some of the most […]

What to Look for in a Replacement Cam Follower

When the time comes for a replacement cam follower, there are several factors to take into consideration when making your selection that can make installation and maintenance easier and increase the life of the replacement. Primarily, the type of cam follower you select comes down to the location, application speeds, contamination levels, and temperature of […]

5 Sources of Wear in Your Bearings

Worn bearings are a costly and all-too-common setback in operating environments, but many of the issues causing them are entirely preventable. The most common types of wear involve issues with Installation, Contamination, Lubrication, Shaft Lock, and Misalignment. Effectively monitoring and reviewing these areas prevents many types of wear and can greatly extend bearing life. Installation […]

Ball Bearings for When Things Get Hot

Special conditions require specialized products. In operating environments where things get a little hot, manufacturers need products specifically designed for high temperatures, including the ball bearings that deliver their materials up to and even through the furnace. What Qualifies as “High Temperature?” Most standard bearings are not designed to operate in temperatures much above 200˚F […]

Increase the Life of Your Cam Followers

In the never-ending search for improved operational efficiencies, the cam followers in use in your facility may present some opportunities to reduce replacement and repair costs while increasing uptime. Operating environments vary greatly, which is why a wide variety of cam followers – suitable for every condition – has been made available. Look for the […]

Why it May Be Time to Replace That Metal Conveyor Belt

Resilient, reliable, and efficient equipment is paramount in an environment where every minute in which products are not moving translates to dollars lost. Upgrades and optimizations can be made in a number of areas, but one piece of equipment may be costing you more money, time, and labor than you realize: that old, metal conveyor […]