Food Conveyor Belt Parts Guide

From the farm to the grocery store checkout, the food supply chain moves along one conveyor belt after another. Conveyor belts in the food industry have many different applications, each with their own technical requirements and involving regulatory compliance and engineering best practices. Quite a lot for something as “simple” as sending your carton of […]

What You Need to Know about Taper-Lock Bushings

A taper-lock bushing gets its name from the 8 degree taper from one side to the next before it locks into place. This reduces the necessary length-thru-bore for any application. An internal screw holds the taper-lock bushing in place, providing a slimmer fit than a flanged bushing. First, what not to do when installing a […]

Flange Bearing vs. Pillow Block

Pillow block bearings and flange block bearings are essential components in a wide range of industrial applications. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying pillow block and flange bearings to ensure these vital parts stay silent and stay working. What is The Difference Between Pillow Block & Flange Block Bearings? Pillow […]

The Ultimate Guide to Roller Chain Sprockets

From conveyors to agricultural machinery and printing presses, roller chain sprockets are one of the driving forces, so to speak, of the industrial world. Selecting the appropriate sprocket type, size, and dimensions for your application is not only vital to maximum uptime, but also to maintaining and improving efficiency. Roller Chain Sprocket Dimensions While dimensions […]

Buyer’s Guide to Steel Bushings

Steel bushings are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing floor. In short, they take a beating so that the drive shaft and housing on your machines don’t have to. Think of the cartilage around the bones in your knee. Much like a bushing, knee cartilage absorbs vibration, reduces friction, and maintains smooth rotation. Some types […]

Sizes & Types of Flange Bearings

A flange bearing is a type of mounted bearing in which the mounted shaft runs perpendicular to the mounting surface and the center line of the mounting holes. This is in contrast to a pillow block bearing, in which the mounted shaft runs parallel to the mounting surface. Flange bearings consist of a flanged housing […]

Sizes & Types of Pillow Block Bearings

If you’re in need of pillow block bearings, chances are you already know a thing or two about them. For those unfamiliar, we’ll use this post go through the basics: sizes, types, and selection. When the mounted shaft is running parallel to the mounting surface, then a pillow block bearing is often used. The pillow […]

20% of Industrial Energy Use is Spent Fighting This One Thing

There is an unseen, energy-consuming monster in your facility. You deal with it everywhere you go, and it is constantly working against you. It was studied by Aristotle and da Vinci and can eat away at some of the earth’s strongest materials. Have you guessed it yet? The pesky but unavoidable culprit is friction. A […]

The Three Main Types of Drives for Power Transmission

A typical industrial environment such as a manufacturing facility has multiple types of power transmission technology being put to use. The most common drives are chain drives, belt drives, and gear drives. Chain Drives When slip is your enemy, your ally is a chain drive. With chain links running over toothed sprockets, chain drives are […]

A Quick Guide to Mounted Bearings

When selecting a mounted bearing, there are a handful of characteristics that must be taken into consideration in order to maximize its functionality. Two of these characteristics are the housing material and seal-type of the bearing. Depending on the operating conditions, protection requirements, and specific environmental demands, the recommendation for seal-type and housing material varies. […]